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“Carey’s great singing touches me deeply in my heart. Not only does her music entertain me, it transports me to deeper places in my soul. It's spiritual, not denominational. Hers is the kind of music that drew me years ago to acoustic music, and is the kind of music that keeps me coming back.”
—Herb Levy, Venue Host, the Mount Vernon Focus concert series

"My heartiest congratulations on both the fine Washington Post review and the sell-out concert.  It couldn't happen to more deserving folks. You outsold the Tannahills by 50 seats, which is quite a boast!"
—letter to Carey and a concert sponsor from Bernard Argent, Executive Co-Director of the Institute of Musical Traditions

"Thanks so much.  You contributed to making the [Interfaith Thanksgiving] service very special. You were great...I love your voice."
—Agnes Saenz, Managing Director, Community Ministries of Rockville

"I meant it when I said you're a hero of mine; first because your music is wonderful, you explore many avenues, you take 'musical risks.'  Then  you have that ineffable quality which sometimes gets labeled soulful - determination and humility shine out of your makes me feel good about everyone."
—Max Ochs, host (for 12 years, now retired) of 333 Coffeehouse, Annapolis, MD

"Carey's songs are different and special.  When she sits down at the piano during a live performance, I know that I am going to be entertained and delighted."
—Al Petteway, Grammy and Indie award-winning guitarist/recording artist

"I do want to thank you so much for coming to be with our [Women's Spirituality Group], to sing for share your perspective and other music with us.  I think your honesty and depth of personal spirituality really resonated with the women...and I encourage you to continue to share what is meaningful to you with others..."
—Rev. Rachel Frey, University Christian Church, Hyattsville, MD 

"Your music was so inspiring and you were a great help to many..."
—Dianne Kaseman, Facilitator, UUC Women's Retreat and Body, Mind & Spirit retreats

"It was a pleasure to see you perform last week.  it is always a thrill to hear your warm, resonant voice and your versatile piano and guitar playing.  You slide so easily from a sweet folk song to a gutsy R & B heart-melting gospel...I hope to see you in concert again soon."
—Janet Braun, former Concert Producer and V.P., Institute of Musical Traditions

"Carey Creed is a versatile and multi-talented performer with a beautiful voice.  She's upbeat and engaging."
—Ron Hunt and Jane Millman, National Institutes of Health Patient Activities

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